We collect two types of information during a visit to Axcsi website.
  • Personal data provided by visitors when requesting further information.
  • Website statistics, to support our website optimisation. This information includes IP addresses showing the network connection, the pages visited and the routes followed on our website. Data such as the browser and the operating system you use can be saved, but cannot be used to identify you.

    Cookies are data fragments that are sent from a website and stored on your device (computer, phone, tablet) while browsing online. Their purpose is to save information about your visit to the website.

    Cookies used by Axcsi website are technical cookies for optimisation purposes.

    Use the “Help” section in your web browser to learn how to block new cookies, receive notification of new cookies or disable cookies.

    Axcsi commitment

    Axcsi is fully committed to protecting your data privacy.
    Axcsi therefore abide by the following principles:
  • Axcsi never attaches any information to your cookies that can be used to identify you personally or to retrieve some personal information.
  • Axcsi never provides any personal information to advertisers or third parties
  • Any processing of personal information given to Axcsi is carried out under the responsibility of Axcsi
  • Personal data can only be viewed by authorised persons within Axcsi , who are in charge of the website or support operations.